Floraiku-June - Jordy Meow
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Uneme Matsuri

Uneme Matsuri

In the northwestern corner of the Sarusawa Pond is the Uneme Shrine with its back against its Torii gate. It is said that the shrine was constructed to console the soul of Uneme, who had drowned herself in the pond out of disappointment in love with an emperor. Since the shrine could not directly face the pond out of sadness caused by her suicide, it turned around overnight. Children and "Uneme" girls, who carry big flower fans decorated with the seven autumn flowers, start parading the streets in Nara City at 5:00p.m. A dragon-headed boat is floated on the Sarusawa Pond at 7:00 p.m., with the flower fan and its carriers on board. The boat goes around the pond and finally the fan is put down on the pond.

Source: http://www.narashikanko.or.jp