Tohoku - Jordy Meow
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Yajima and Kyojima

Yajima produces good-quality Japanese arrow bamboo (Pseudosasa Japonica). The arrow which Yorimasa Minamoto, a samurai warrior in 12th century, fired to exterminate nue (a frightening imaginary bird in old stories like chimera) in the Tales of the Heike is said to be made from Yajima-grown bamboo. Kyojima is where Nichiro, a Nichiren (buddhist monk)'s senior disciple, drifted to because of a storm, when he brought a discharge paper for Nichiren, who had been exiled to Sado. Kyojima was named after legend that says Nichiro spent a night reading sutras (経 kyo in Japanese). In the beautiful setting with two islets which a red arched bridge connects, you can take a tub boat ride.