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Shiraito Falls

Shiraito Falls

Shiraito no Taki waterfalls gushes out Fujisan's spring water across approximately 200m. It is thought that in the 15th and 16th centuries Hasegawa Kakugyo, who is thought to be the founder of Fuji-ko, conducted religious practices here and practitioners primarily of Fuji-ko made pilgrimages and conducted religious practices here.
Located in the southwestern foothills of Fujisan, this waterfalls has its source in Fujisan’s spring water. The water off the curved rock wall measuring 20m high and 200m wide looks like vertically arranged thin strands of silk thread (Shiraito), hence the name given to this waterfall. Located near to Shiraito no Taki Waterfalls are the Otodome Falls, which features a 26m-drop and an intense, noisy water flow. Both of these falls have been selected as part of the 100 most famous waterfalls in Japan and they complement and contrast each other well.