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Kishu Toshogu Shrine

The approach which is paved with bluestone (chlorite schiste) is a tunnel covered with greenery and it is cool and shaded even during the day. It makes your heart beat with excitement at the prospect of finally seeing Toshogu to which you are on your way. Once you pass the approach, you are suddenly confronted with "Samurai Hill", with its 108 steps. When you climb them, a vermillion-lacquered tower gate greets you. Looking back over your shoulder, you will see the through the thick grove of trees, the endless spread of shining gold on the Wakanoura sea which is just getting to sunset. 
You are taken in by the illusion of looking at a painting and as you gaze you lose track of time and realise that there are people beside you gazing at the sea in the same way. Everyone probably has the same thoughts in this place. Source: http://www.wakayamakanko.com/.