Kyoto - Jordy Meow
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The 2 mile long sand bar that is called Amanohashidate is such a popular sightseeing destination in Japan for both domestic and foreign visitors, that many do not even know the name of the city that contains it. Because of this it has its very own railway station.

Amanohashidate (天橋立), the meaning of which is roughly bridge in heaven, is a 3.6km long, pine tree covered sand bar. It spans across Miyazu Bay on the Tango Peninsula, northern Kyoto Prefecture. It is ranked as one of Japan's three most scenic views.
The canonical way to view Amanohashidate is to turn your back to it, then bend over and look at it upside down from between your legs — this is supposed to make the bridge appear as if it floats to heaven, and bring good luck.

Source: Wikitravel